Horseshoe Candle Holders DRP Creative Metalworks Palm Desert California
Ant Lamps DRP Creative Metalworks Palm Desert California
Ant lamps by DRP Creative Metalworks

Welded Wonders! Unique Ant Lamps, Candleholders and Ticks!

The Ant Lamp

When Ants and Lamps collide, an unique metamorphosis occurs. What a concept of putting Ants and Lamps together? Ants in your pants, of course or ants in your picnic basket, no fun, but Ant Lamps? An enlightening thought. And functional too. Each Ant Lamp made at DRP Creative Metalworks is an unique, one-of-a-kind creation. Hand [...]

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Handmade Originals

You won’t find this stuff at Walmart. Or Mathis Brothers either. Take a quick trip through Bed, Bath and Beyond. It’s not even in the ‘Beyond’ department. That’s because there is only one place to find these unique art pieces – DRP Creative Metalworks of Palm Desert, California. Each lamp or candleholder is designed, fabricated, [...]

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THEM! Inspiring the Ant Lamp

When Denise Poeltler was a little girl, she saw a movie at her local cinema that would change her life. Ok, maybe not change her life but at least it was an indicator of where her art talents would take her. The movie was called ‘THEM’. A horror film made in 1954, featuring giant ants invading New Mexico.

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Inspiring the Students

March 10th, 2013

Recently I participated in Career Day at a local high school (“Connecting School to the Workplace”).  I don’t know how or why I was selected by the school guidance counselor, but I responded to her email in January and told her I would be happy to speak to the kids about what I do for [...]


A Spark of Creativity

January 8th, 2013

Welcome to DRP Creative Metalworks’ new website. Obviously, we’re in the process of building it, so please check back again soon. In the meantime, if you need to contact us, call (760) 772-4422.

Assorted Stuff


A Spark of Creativity

Behind every piece that is
created at DRP Creative
Metalworks, is a Lincoln
Welder. Choosen for their
versatility and durability.


That’s One Big Ant!!

When most people saw the movie
‘THEM”, they ran for the door! Not
Denise, she ran for her welder and
created one-of-a-kind Ant Lamps
for the world to enjoy.


Entemologist’s Envy

Denise at DRP Creative Metalworks
has recently added a ‘Spider’ to her
already extremely popular ‘Horse-
shoe Candleholders. If you’re a fan
of spiders, this one’s for you!


Cool Candleholders

The Horseshoe Candleholder from
DRP Creative Metalworks. A
unique way to light up a room.
A conversation starter and a
fire starter, all in one!