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DRP Creative Metalworks is a metal-fabrication business located in Palm Desert, California. The company manufactures unique steel lamps, candelabras, and small art pieces. All of the products are designed, fabricated, and welded by Denise R. Poeltler, PE. Denise focuses on several popular, yet under-represented themes in the art world:
•    Ants
•    Spiders

We are in the process of setting up our on-line store. You can currently see all of our Ant Lamps and Horseshoe Candle holders, and all the colors and finishes they come in. You just can’t order on-line yet. If you’re interested in any of the pieces you see, please contact us. Thank you!

DRP Creative Metalworks
77-725 Enfield Rd.
Palm Desert, CA 92211

Studio: 760-772-4422
email: drpfly@aol.com

To see the Ant Lamp Gallery, click here.
To see the Horseshoe Candle Holder Gallery, click here.