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CollageHandmade1You won’t find this stuff at Walmart. Or Mathis Brothers either. Take a quick trip through Bed, Bath and Beyond. It’s not even in the ‘Beyond’ department. That’s because there is only one place to find these unique art pieces – DRP Creative Metalworks of Palm Desert, California.

Each lamp or candleholder is designed, fabricated, and lovingly hand welded by Denise R. Poeltler, PE. So when you own one of her works of welded art, you’ve got a one-of-a-kind piece!

If Ants aren’t your cup of tea or insect of choice, Denise focuses on other popular, yet under-represented themes in the art world – Spiders, Ticks, Fish (coming soon) and of course the lamp that put DRP Creative Metalworks on the map, The Ant Lamp.

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